Sid the Science Kid
Sid episode - 116
"A Brush With Teeth"
Season 1
Episode No. 16
Air Date October 20, 2008
Written by Joe Purdy
Directed by Hugh Martin
Cycle Health
Topic Dental Hygiene
Previous Episode All My Senses
Next episode I Want Cake

"A Brush With Teeth" is the sixteenth episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid. The episode was later adapted into the 2010 storybook A Cavity Is a Hole in Your Tooth.

Episode description

Sid wonders if you really do have to brush your teeth every single day? At school, Sid discovers that our mouths are filled with different kinds of teeth that do lots of different jobs-like chewing our food! So it's really important to keep our teeth healthy by brushing them every day!


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