Did You Hear What Happened to the Tooth

"Did You Hear What Happened to the Tooth?" is an original song from the Sid the Science Kid episode "A Brush With Teeth." The song, sung by Susie, tells the story of Ruth, a young girl who didn't brush or floss her teeth.


Ruth was in a rush,

And she forgot to brush.

Her story is sad but true.

It’s a story that could happen to you.

Did you hear what happened to the tooth?

The tooth that belonged to Ruth?

She started out at the soda shop sitting in a booth.

Did this really happened? I’m telling you the truth.

The truth of what happened to her tooth.

So what happened well?

She ate candy yeah she drank soda, yeah.

And she forgot to brush her teeth, oh no she didn’t.

She didn’t floss, she didn’t brush,

Because she was in a rush.

Oh my you got to be kidding.

If she didn’t brush and floss like everybody should,

That can only lead to one thing,

And it isn’t good.

Floss, floss, floss, floss.

Did you hear what happened to Ruth?

She got a little hole in her tooth!

The food she didn’t brush away

Helped bacteria to grow.

That bacteria made a cavity in her tooth. Oh no!

Did you hear what happened to Ruth?

Now brushes every day,

And flosses every tooth.

She does it any day for a good long while,

And shows the world her beautiful smile.



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