Sid the Science Kid
Sid the science kid - Shot
"Getting A Shot: You Can Do It!"
Season 1
Episode No. 41
Air Date October 26, 2009
Written by
Directed by
Cycle Special
Topic Vaccinations
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Getting A Shot: You Can Do It! is a special episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid that focuses on the basic science behind germs, viruses and vaccines. PBS KIDS premiered the special on Monday, October 26, 2009 with several re-airings over the following weeks. The special was also made freely available through YouTube and other sources.

Episode description

It's vaccination day at Sid's school, and Sid and his friends are a little apprehensive about getting a shot. Thankfully, a very special nurse will be giving the kids their vaccination — Sid's Grandma! Throughout the special episode, Sid's Grandma, Susie, Alice and Mort all do their part to make vaccination day a fun learning experience filled with music, games and lots of laughs.



The Henson Company used the Henson Digital Performance Studio to deliver the full 30-minute episode in record time. While the typical production of an episode of Sid the Science Kid usually took up to six months to produce, in this case, the Company took only six weeks, from greenlight to delivery, to produce the special episode in time for flu season. The special is the first episode produced outside of the show's regular week-long (5 episodes) themed curricular cycles.[1]

The vaccination special was funded by The Department of Health and Human Services, The Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR), First 5 California and The Boeing Company.

Sid the Science Kid explores the science behind the everyday experiences of a preschooler and we know that getting a shot can be scary for many children. This special episode is an opportunity for us to help kids understand why they are getting a shot while providing parents and caregivers with helpful resources to handle this important issue.

Lisa Henson[2]

The special was the topic of the October 12, 2009 episode of The Podcast.[3]


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