Halle Stanford

Halle Stanford is currently serving as the The Jim Henson Company's Senior Vice President of Children's Entertainment, and has worked as a leader on several Digital Performance Studio productions. Stanford began her relationship with the Henson Company in 1995 and has developed and produced several well-known properties for the company since that time.

Stanford leads the company's development and production of all preschool and children's programming for both television and video projects. Stanford developed Sid the Science Kid, and currently serves as an executive producer on the show. She is also leading development on The Skrumps, and has overseen the production of other pre-school programing for the company, including TJ Bearytales and Frances

She is also currently overseeing company's development of Pajanimals and Dinosaur Train. Her previous Henson projects have included "[[w:c:muppet:Animal Jam|Animal Jam" and "Telling Stories with Tomie dePaola," which she also executive produced, "Donna's Day" which she co-produced, and "Bear in the Big Blue House".

Apart from her work at Henson, Halle Stanford is the founder of 7 Crows Stories, a children's creative company responsible for consulting on such projects as "Krypto" and "Baby Looney Toons". Stanford holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Film and Theater from Wesleyan University. Her son Max was the original inspiration for the character Sid on Sid the Science Kid.

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