Sid the Science Kid
Sid the science kid - inertia
"Ignatz's Inertia"
Season 2
Episode No. 45
Air Date October 6, 2010
Written by
Directed by
Cycle Force and Motion
Topic Inertia
Previous Episode That's the Way the Ball Bounces
Next episode Sid's Super Kick!

Ignatz's Inertia is the fourty-fifth episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid. The episode addresses Sid's question of "why didn't Ignatz stop moving?".

Episode description

Sid pushes his toy panda Ignatz across his room on a skateboard, but when the skateboard bumps a wooden block and halts, Ignatz continues to fly forward. Teacher Susie tells Sid and pals that things keep moving until they are stopped, and that’s called inertia.



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