Feeling the World on My Belly

"Feeling the World on My Belly" is an original song from the Sid the Science Kid episode "The Itchy Tag". The song, sung by Susie from the point of view of a snake, describes what the reptile feels on its belly as it explores the world.


Slept on a bed of the softest leaves

I stretch my body when I wake

The sun is up and so am i

It feels good to be a snake

So I slide along the rocks

And they feel hard

And whoa do they feel hot

As I move I feel something smooth

Yes I can feel a lot

When something’s hot or cold

Or squishy just like jelly

I can feel each texture with the skin that’s on my belly

I feel the world

As I slither and hither

With any move I make

Now you know that snakes have feelings too

It feels good to be a snake

My brain remembers feelings

And my is hard to fool

When something’s too hot my brain says ouch

Go somewhere where is cool

Sharp lumpy feathery mushy

Those are the memories I keep

I can feel you when you touch me

Please don’t touch me now

‘Cause it’s time to sleep



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