John Chandler Presents The Skrumps
For the HDPS series, see The Skrumps

John Chandler presents The Skrumps is the series of vinyl action figures and storybooks created by John Chandler and distributed by Splashdown Toys. Each set includes one figure, an illustrated book featuring a day in the life of the Skrump, and a clear figure stand. The body of each toy is made of hollow vinyl, while the legs and arms are PVC. Originally launched in 2004 by Chandler, the rights to the characters were later acquired by The Jim Henson Company to develop the HDPS series The Skrumps. When adapting the world of the Skrumps from a series of toys to an animated series, several new characters were created - notably female Skrumps, such as Raisins. While Skrumpy is currently the only existing character from the toy series to appear in the Henson series, the design of Wishbone is somewhat similar to the The Mooch.

The set of six figures was billed as "series 1"; no subsequent series were never produced.


Character Description
Skrumpy figure Skrumpy
Skrumpy is the most loving, caring, and wise Skrump in the land. In any situation, Skrumpy is always the first to offer his help and guidance to any Skrump in need.
Worriedwillie Worried Willie
Worried Willie starts off most of his days with a bubble bath, and that is when the worrying begins. Is he going to get fired from his job? Will the electricity go off? Will he accidentally swallow his tongue?
Skrapsbaxter Skraps Baxter
Skraps Baxter is the most rude and insensitive Skrump in the land. He enjoys nothing more than insulting everyone who has unfortunately crossed his path.
Mooch The Mooch
The Mooch is a Skrump who never has anything to give. He always wants something from someone else, especially, tasty snacks. The Mooch searches high and low throughout the land for Skrumps with tasty snacks. He'll "mooch", non-stop, for days at a time. He is a mooching machine.
Lazylouie Lazy Louie
Every afternoon when Lazy Louie wakes up, he goes outside looking for his buddy Floyd. He sort of relies on Floyd to do the things that he doesn't like to do, such as long walks, cooking, or any kind of manual labor.
Bathtubbandit The Bathtub Bandit
The Bathtub Bandit is a Skrump who lurks around the neighborhood, seeking out hot, steamy, relaxing, bubble baths that he can heist from unsuspecting Skrumps.