Sid the Science Kid
Sid episode - 110
"No More Changes!"
Season 1
Episode No. 10
Air Date September 12, 2008
Written by Jim Lewis, Eric Shaw, Joe Purdy, Craig Bartlett
Directed by Brian Henson, Hugh Martin
Cycle Transformation & Change
Topic Transformation & Change Review
Previous Episode The Perfect Pancake!
Next episode The Itchy Tag

"No More Changes!" is the tenth episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid.

Episode description

Sid isn’t too thrilled that his favorite shirt shrunk, his shoes don’t fit anymore, and his Mom changed his favorite toothpaste. He really wants to know, why do things have to change? Sid discovers that change is a natural part of world as he and his friends review the science of change and transformation (decay, growing, ice melting, and change caused by heat).


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