Sid the Science Kid
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"No School Sing-Along Special"
Season 2
Episode No. 42
Air Date June 21, 2010
Written by
Directed by
Cycle Special
Topic Sing-Along
Previous Episode Getting A Shot: You Can Do It!
Next episode Slide to the Side!

No School Sing-Along Special is a special episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid that showcases some of the series science-themed songs. PBS KIDS premiered the special on June 21, 2010.

Episode description

Sid wonders what he could possibly do on his day off from school. But when all his friends come over for a play date, they quickly put their science minds together and decide to put on a show in the backyard! They each take turns rocking out as they sing their favorite science songs for a very appreciative audience of his parents, Mort, Alice, and his little brother Zeke!

Note: This is the first episode Gabriela talks with her teeth.



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