"Dance Without Feet"

"Dance Without Feet"

Meet The Skrumps

  • Meet Wishbone (1:28)
    A video blog entry by Wishbone.
  • Meet Skrumpy (1:20)
    A video blog entry by Skrumpy.
  • Meet Raisins (2:12)
    A video blog entry by Raisins.

The Origins of Grumblebelly

Band Name

  • Part 1 (1:05)
    Wishbone's takes on telling how Wishbone and Skrumpy came up with the name for their rock band "Grumblebelly".
  • Part 2 (1:24)
    Skrumpy's version of how he thinks that he came up with the name "Grumblebelly".
  • Part 3 (1:12)
    Raisins explains the truth behind the name "Grumblebelly".

God-Like Moves


  • God-Like Moves (2:39)
    The Skrumps give an inside look at they come up with their electrifying moves for Grumblebelly concerts.

Skrump Dreams

  • Wishbone's Dreams (1:15)
    Wishbone posts a video blog describing his dreams and goals.
  • Skrumpy's Dreams (1:57)
    Skrumpy (with the help of Wishbone) describes his dreams and goals in a video blog entry.
  • Raisins' Dreams (1:32)
    Raisins shares her goals and dreams in a special video blog.

The Cheeseburger Incident

Cheeseburger Incident
  • Part 1 (1:47)
    Raisins gives her side of the story.
  • Part 2 (2:21)
    Skrumpy gives his side of the story.
  • Part 3 (1:46)
    Wishbone gives his side of the story.

Raisins' Hidden Camera

Hidden Videos
Raisins' Hidden Camera
  • Skrumpy in the Bathroom (1:23)
    Raisins shares a candid and potentially controversial moment captured by hidden camera.
  • Skrumpy & Wishbone's Rebuttal (1:09)
    Skrumpy vents his frustration towards Rasians for filming him in one of his most vulnerable moments and posting it on the Internet
  • Raisins' Justification (0:22)
    Raisins gives her side of the story.
Skrumpy's Hidden Camera
  • Raisins Doing Yoga (1:48)
    Wishbone and Skrumpy post some embarrassing video of Raisins caught on hidden camera.
  • Raisins' Rebuttal (0:31)
    In a video blog entry, Raisins expresses her deep resentment towards Wishbone and Skrumpy for depicting her in a most unflattering light.
  • Skrumpy's Rebuttal to Raisins' Rebuttal (1:32)
    Skrumpy tells his side of the story.

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