Sid the Science Kid
Sid the science kid - kick2
"Sid's Super Kick!"
Season 2
Episode No. 46
Air Date October 7, 2010
Written by
Directed by
Cycle Force and Motion
Topic Force
Previous Episode Ignatz's Inertia
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Sid's Super Kick! is the fourty-sixth episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid. The episode addresses Sid's question of "is my Super Sid Kick too super?".

Episode description

Sid becomes his alter ego Super Sid, the world' greatest super hero. While demonstrating his Super Sid Kick!, Sid learns that by kicking a ball with more force, the ball will fly farther. Things become very clear when Susie demonstrates force with a 6-foot tall air cannon and tennis balls.

This is the First Epsiode To Feature The Science Center


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