Sid the Science Kid
Sid the science kid - slide
"Slide to the Side!"
Season 2
Episode No. 43
Air Date October 4, 2010
Written by
Directed by
Cycle Force and Motion
Topic Friction
Previous Episode No School Sing-Along Special!
Next episode That's the Way the Ball Bounces

Slide to the Side! is the fourty-third episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid. The episode addresses Sid's question of "why can't I do the 'Sid Slide to the Side' dance in my sneakers?".

Episode description

Sid tries out his new dance called "The Sid Slide to the Side" on his hardwood floor. He soon finds out his sneakers can't slide, which leads Sid and his friends to observe and investigate friction; what makes something slow down.


Fast as you can

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