Sid the Science Kid
Sid episode - 105
"Super Science Tools"
Season 1
Episode No. 5
Air Date September 5, 2008
Written by Bradley Zweig, Jim Lewis, Eric Shaw, Corey Powell
Directed by Brian Henson, Hugh Martin
Cycle Tools & Measurement
Topic Tools & Measurement Review
Previous Episode The Whale Episode
Next episode My Mushy Banana

"Super Science Tools" is the fifth episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid and the summarizing conclusion to the Tools & Measurement cycle.

Episode description

Sid has quite a collection of science tools in his own room: a ruler, an estimation jar, a chart, and a magnifying glass. They’re all perfect tools for investigating and exploring the world, but Sid can’t figure out which one is his favorite! His friends help him discover that each science tool is amazing in its own special way.


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