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The Skrumps
First aired January 10, 2007
Last aired October 24, 2007
Network Yahoo! Kids
Episodes 20 webisodes
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The Skrumps is a Jim Henson Company digital studio project based on a series of original characters created by John Chandler.

From a character-development improv session (including lead puppeteers Allan Trautman, Julianne Buescher, Victor Yerrid, and Brian Henson), a pitch tape was shot in October 2006 to test the show and characters. [1]

Several short videos, including a music video and 3 character video-blogs, were produced and distributed on Yahoo Kids! in January 2007 to launch the brand. Four more videos were posted on Yahoo Kids in July 2007, and more appeared throughout the summer and fall of 2007. The Skrumps were featured in their first interactive game which launched on the Yahoo! Kids in March 2008.[2]

The company was working on two long-form direct-to-DVD films featuring the characters.[3] The Jim Henson Company also reported that they hoped to bring the characters to television with a full TV series and supporting merchandise[4], but as of 2015, none of it ever came to fruition except for The Skrumps: The Mooch Steps Up His Game, a one-shot comic that was published by Archaia Entertainment in 2011.[5][6]



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